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Matt Henshaw interview with Now Tune In ...

January 12, 2014
Interview with Matt Henshaw
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January 12, 2014 - Sunday
Interview with Matt Henshaw

1. What is your name and what do you play?

Matt Henshaw, I sing and play the guitar amongst a few other things.

2. Tell us about your music for anyone who has not heard it yet?
I make soul music, maybe not always the way you might expect soul music to traditionally sound but it's always from the heart and from the soul.

3. Share a brief history about yourself?

I was obsessed with football as a kid then when problems with my knees meant that I couldn't be a professional footballer I became obsessed wit music, guitars, singing and writing songs. I was in a band straight out of school, we did OK, had a record deal and everything that goes with that, then drink made it go the same way as the professional football career, so I got sober I went to study and didn't think I'd make music again. Then I fell in with a hip-hop crowd and started writing and singing again, then I thought I need to get out of my office job and go for it as a singer-songwriter.

4. Do you enjoy being a solo artist or do you see yourself making a band one day?
I love it. I have to rely on myself and sort out the logistics for only me. I do play in a band on the side called Satsuma Elephants and love to do that with y mate more often, but I only get the chance to express myself fully when I'm by myself.

5. How did you get into the style of music that you play?

I started figuring out what music I liked when I was young in the 1990s then traced it back and I kind of feel like everything really went back o or went through Sam Cooke and The Beatles, they're my foundations really.

6. The song "It Ain't Easy" how did it come about?

It was the first thing I wrote when I picked up a guitar again having not touched one for years, it's like it was meant to fall out of me. Sometimes I think I disagree with Alfred Lord Tennyson when he says "it's better to have loved and too have lost than never to have loved at all". You know your life is changed irrevocably when you've fallen in and out of love.

7. What's the most challenging part so far in your musical career?

Making money. I don't like money. So it's that you have to be chasing it all the time, but that's only a small part of it really, I don't worry about it.

8. How would you say you have evolved since you first started?

Older, wiser, more mature, stone cold sober and more soulful.

9. What are some of your influences?

Love and passion influences everything I do. And good music, you can find it everywhere.

10. Are you working on anything new?

I'm always writing, and I'm quite excited about 2014, I'm going to be working with a few different producers in a few different places so I'll have a lot of new product. Very exciting !

11. Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?

Not really, I hate repetition, so if I ever find myself doing something I might have done before I quickly snap out of it.

12. What's your favorite part about being a solo artist?

Like I said, I've only myself to worry about, I'm not a control freak or an ego-maniac, quite the opposite, I worry and get anxious if there's anyone else involved, I don't like letting people down, if you're on my team I put a lot of pressure on myself for us to win.

13. Where are you performing in the near future?

Everywhere hopefully. I'm starting the year in the East Midlands in the UK and then working my way around the country. I've had a lot of invitations to go all over the world from Europe to Australia to North America so as soon as it's feasibly possible I'm getting on a plane and playing wherever I'm invited.

14. Do you have a website?

Yeah, nice and simple, you can find all my social networks from there.

15. How can people get in touch with you?

Add me, follow me, email me, there's loads of ways to get in touch. The best way to keep in touch is to sign up for the mailing list, I mail out every now and and you can reply to me that way too.

16. Do you use any social media and if so where can people find you?

I'm more or less on anything, my favourites at the moment are YouTube and instagram, kind of instant visual communication, but you can find me on facebook and twitter too, I suppose a good thing to do is search my name in Google and you can find bits of me all over the place.

17. Anything you would like add?

Spread The Love, share the Love and let everything you do be guided by Love and light.