Thursday, 17 April 2014

Coming Around album (2013)

One year on from it's release I'm going to jot down some notes about the writing and recording of this record with Mr Jimmy B-Boy ReggiiMental himself, more for my own personal diary and memory bank benefit, but if you enjoy reading along too then I Love You More !

The Deepest Cellar
Can't Hold Back
The Fire Pit - EP

January 2013 and James Batchelor had be released from her majesty's pleasure and I was floundering in a job at the University of Leicester. Already considering jumping ship and pursuing a musical endeavour with Satsuma Elephants, long before I'd thought about or even wanted to be a solo singer-songwriter, Jimmy's new found freedom pushed us together and collaborate on something with such an urgency, freedom and freshness that I've never known before, it was a very positive time and I thank Jimmy B enormously for it !

We even recorded a song called Freedom that I quite liked, but it didn't make it onto the album, maybe you'll hear it sometime.

So we got together and hatched a plan of songs to sample, beats to loop, rappers to speak and got Joe Rizzle behind the desk making it sound fresh. We ended up writing and recording loads more tracks than we intended, again, you might hear some more someday.

And we hit the road, originally as a two piece and then blossomed during festival season with full 7 piece soul funk band !

Loads of stories to tell and loads of Love to share, but I'll save that for another day,, another blog, another tale.

Let's go through each track one by one and see what I can remember ...