Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Matt Henshaw Interview with MarketingProfs.com

1. How did that LinkedIn Slideshare collaboration come about/happen?
I was contacted by a representative from LinkedIn for their upcoming promotional drive, they wanted an active user to represent each sector, and they chose little old me for the music industry, of all the thousands of people on their making, producing and promoting music, it was quite an honour.

2. Why LinkedIn and not, say, Facebook?
Simply because I was asked in all honesty, but LinkedIn is really good I have found, essentially it's just like Facebook but more professional, I only found myself on there by accident really, but it's a great way of expanding your online network beyond your friends and finding people who work specifically in your area. And it was nice to see all my recommendations and endorsements coming in when I first posted 'Professional Singer/Songwriter & Musician' on there.

3. What's been the result? Are you a full time musician now?
Yeah, I left my job at the university just over a year ago now and things have gone from strength to strength for me doing what I want to do and being in control of my own life again. In terms of results from LinkedIn I've managed to develop a good few connections, get some shows and work with different people, and there are loads of qualified on there willing to offer feedback for nothing.

Congrats on your success! By the way - where are you located?
I live in Leicester, originally from Nottingham and I've lived all over, north and south, but Leicester is great place to live and make music because it's in the heart of the country and I can get anywhere in England really in 2 hours on 50 quid's worth of petrol.