Saturday, 23 August 2014

Matt Henshaw Press ...

“Sublime…a blue-eyed soul voice that’s up there with the best of them” - Paul Lester, The Guardian

"Just Perfect" - Dean Jackson, BBC

"The Missing Link!" - Jaime Hodgson, NME, I-D, The Observer

"It's easy to see why he is getting gigs across the country and over in Europe, just listen to the songs, Matt Henshaw has the potential to be as big as Ed Sheeran!" - Phil Patterson, Music Sector Specialist, UKTI

"In comes Henshaw's soulboy vocals and suddenly you've got a big ass shaking block party on your hands" - Gill Mills, Amazing Radio

"Amazing singer-songwriter, great songs one after the other" - Demon FM

"Soulful with a growing fanbase" - The Leicester Mercury

"There is only one Matt Henshaw… only one, brilliantly talented, trend setting, soul saving, Matt Henshaw!" - The Guy With A Stick

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