Monday, 8 July 2013

Adidas Trainers (Stan Smith Remix)

The second song Jimmy B-Boy AKA. ReggiiMental ever recorded. There's a funny story along with the recording of this, Can't Hold Back and All We Know that I just don't think I can tell you, but it resulted in us having to re-record all three, at the time I was absolutely clueless, but if you ever see me knocking about or during a "post show hello" ask me about it.

B-Boy Soul just got it's fashion garment numero uno. The adidas trainer has been synonymous with hip-hop music, soul music, reggae music and oozing "coolness" since day one, so ina Run DMC style, we thought it only right that we write our own little ode to the glorious footwear. And I think we did it right. Always people sing this one to me, probably because it's the easiest one to get the tune of, "all I need is a melody and adidas trainers" couldn't be simpler than that. Going for a one note Ian Brown type thing there. Channelling King Monkey I think worked out quite well on this occassion.

This is a reflection and meditation on the reasons why we do what we do, obviously from the title we're all susceptable to a bit of branding, but at the end of the day we can "leave the chasing paper" ... if you're doing what you do not for the love, but for the money then stop doing it right now! Choose something creative, scientific or recreational to do instead, you can't hurt anyone that way, but greed makes you strong, but only for hurting the weak. Choose Life. And I'm not talking about TVs, CD players and 3 piece suites in a Trainspotting stylee, I'm talking life, living it and enjoying it.

"Take it back to basics, back to the soul"

The remix, by Joe 2nd Suzpect Rizzle of Pukka Mix, released as the Stan Smith Remix has been greatly received. A minor hit in Poland, the finale to most live sets featuring myself and Jimmy B-Boy and currently Adidas trainers is the most remixed, refixed and reworked Matt Henshaw track out there to date (May 2013). A much needed dose of modern electronic jiggery pokery for 2010, the year of B-Boy Soul, the birth of a new genre and celebration of the most exciting cross generational, cross race, cross midlands colloration you're ever likely to hear.
from Can't Hold Back, released 10 October 2010