Monday, 8 July 2013

What's Really Good

For some reason, and I just can't fathom it, this is Reggii's least favourite track from The Deepest Cellar. I think it's something to do with his verses being too long, and that's rare for a rapper. Usually MCs want to spit and listen to themselves talk for hours. This is where I've got to show a lot of respect for what Reggii does, how he understands music and, whilst having an ego, values it no higher than anyone else he's collaborated with. The man, fittingly, knows What's Really Good and what's not.

I like the strings on this one, and the hook is simple and possibly a little ciched but it wraps itself round the beat like an anaconda on the hunt. That 70s Stax soul sound was ringing in my ears before recording this one I think. It sits nicely in the middle of the record for me.
I see finder keeping and losers weeping
Feel What's Really Good lie my soul it really should
from The Deepest Cellar, released 01 May 2010