Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Matt Henshaw interview with Ana Cristina LoCus about the Music Business ...

Complete Name: Matt Henshaw

Occupation: Professional Singer-Songwriter & Musician

Company: MattHenshaw.com / Satsuma Elephants

Website: http://www.matthenshaw.com / http://www.satsumaelephants.com

1.- About you: How, When and Where did you realise you wanted to be a musician. How did that happen?
I was an infant and saw an advert on TV for Strongbow cider with Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple playing, at that moment I didn't know what it was but I knew that was what I wanted to do, make music like that !

2.- About the industry: What do you think is the best way of beginning a career in music?
Just be passionate about it, be the best you can possibly be, and as we all know sometimes it doesn't even matter how good you are, some of the best artists go unnoticed, just persevere and you'll get where you want to be, or at least half way there !

3.- There are so many talented musicians in the world. How to make a difference?
Mani from The Stone Roses and Primal Scream said to me once, "you've got to blow your own trumpet because no one is going to blow it for you" and that's kind of stuck with me.

4.- What is success for you? Do you consider yourself a successful artist?
Petrol money and plenty of milk and tea bags, as long as I have those things then I consider myself succeeding. Obviously I have dreams and ambitions but at a basic level being comfortable and doing what I love everyday is a great success.

5.- Order the next attributes from 1 to 8, being 1 the most important attribute and 8 the less important one for a musician's success: Talent,Charisma, Leadership, multifaceted, Time, Contacts, Good looking & Money.
1 - Talent
2 - Charisma
3 - Leadership
4 - multifaceted
5 - Time
6 - Contacts
7 - Good looking
8 - Money
If you put effort into the first 5 then the contacts will come, and you shouldn't ever worry about your looks, that applies to everyone. And money too, it's just an illusion.

6.- What do you think about the way the MEDIA works. Have you ever had a good or bad experience with the Media (radio, TV, Newspapers)?
It works, and it's always worked in the same way. As long as we live in this same free market monetary capitalist society it will never change so you have to find your way in and make it work for you, or make them work for you as the case may be.

8.- What do you think about fame? Do you think a musician needs fame to sell records and concerts?
It all goes hand in hand. Depends what you want to achieve, people sell records and make money or a living in the music business without anyone ever knowing who they are, they're usually the best ones !

9.- Is there anything about the Music Industry that was different from what you thought or what the people think?
It's just a business like any other, I think that's the biggest source of confusion, people believe all the myths and the fiction of it and the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll stuff but it's just cold hard business in the main.

10.- What would be your advice for all aspiring musicians who want to break into the industry?
Just believe in what you do, stick to your guns and do what you can to achieve what you want to do, it's all possible.

11.- Is there any bad or good experience. A wrong or good decision you made in your career that you would like to share, which can be useful for other musicians?
Don't drink too much, that made me quit the music business about 5 years ago, and almost was the death of me anyways, it's taken me all this time to recover properly and be able to keep a proper check on my affairs ... my mum always used to say "everything in moderation", but I can't subscribe to that, too "all or nothing" so now I don't drink at all, but everyone's different so do what works for you but stay focused on your goals.