Monday, 8 July 2013

All We Know

The first collaboration me and Jimmy ever worked on. Initially released on his album 'Something For The Strive' under the title of 'Who Am I?' with myself guesting as "MH" after 2 years of n music, no band and no real urge to do anything that creative at all. When it came time for therelease of The Deepest Cellar, the track was re-recorded and my name is there on the cover for all to see, and all over the internet like a musical rash.

The words of the hook pretty much some up the nadir I was in at the time. "Who Am I? Given all we need to know?? Living in my own time, feeling just like a ghost, with All We Know" ... pretty dark really. Haunting too. I remember going down into The Deepest Cellar for the first time. Wearing all black. LEather winklepickers, black jeans, black v-neck jumper, black Fred Perry polo, black woolie hat and unkempt facial hair from a summer in the garden tending to my vegetable patch. The colour scheme something of the Grim Reaper and not necessarily a ghost, dark all the same but from that moment on, recording those few lines I was hooked on B-Boy Sould and wished we could have gone on recorded all day and everyday like we did over that winter, if only our paths hadn't diverged so a year or so later. No use in worrying, we made it back with a second album, even if it was three years later, the facial hair's returned and the optimism too.
Well Who Am I ?
from The Deepest Cellar, released 01 May 2010