Monday, 8 July 2013

Can't Hold Back EP

The brand new single from Matt Henshaw and ReggiiMental release on the 10th of the tenth, 2010. Can't Hold Back is a real peach of a B-Boy Soul anthem, hip-hop and smooth soul all in a three minute blast ...

lyrics ...
Say my friend you've gotta live your life,
Add it all together we've got time,
The river keeps on rolling far and wide,
But you Can't Hold Back, Can't Hold Back the night ...
released 10 October 2010
credits from Can't Hold Back, track released 10 October 2010
Written by Matt Henshaw and ReggiiMental.
Production by Matt Henshaw, James Batchelor and Choppacop.
Mixed and Mastered by 2nd Suzpect Joseph Joe Rizzle Kosminsky.