Monday, 8 July 2013

Far Away

3 of the midlands' top MC bring the reggae flavours out in this one. Ras Supa, ReggiiMental and Rukus of The Trinity Band sit on the beat like they've recorded their bars in a shanty town just outside of Kingston. The hook was a refix of track sampled, Far Away. I added my Notts white boy exxence to it, good music is colour blind. And Rukus watched Emmerdale, who would've thought, eh?

The inclusion of this on The Deepest Cellar is probably due to the man Jimmy Cliff, his music was on heavy rotation and his film The Harder They Come was watched at least once a week during the recording of the album. 'You Can Get It If You Really Want It' became something of a mantra for myself and ReggiiMental. We can often be found down in The Deepest Cellar or out on the road shouting incoherently to each other in patois. Simmi Jimmy ! Wagwarn ???
There is a land so Far Away ...
from The Deepest Cellar, released 01 May 2010