Monday, 8 July 2013

Can't Hold Back

What can I say about Can't Hold Back? As near as I've gotten thus far to writing 'a classic', it's very difficult to be humble when rooms and fields of people are singing your words back at you, thousands upon thousands of people have listened to your little basement recorded ditty online and the video has been featured as 'single of the month' in The Guardian. No budget, no frills, just pure soul. I poured every ounce of emotion into this one - positive yet with a hint of fragility you can hear in my voice, heart and soul - almost to the point of embarrassment as I wasn't sure I wanted to release something so tender with my name on it. But, it turned out to be a great third single from The Deepest Cellar and I feel richer for having shared it with you.

I hope you get everything from it that I have given, and the complimentry lyrics and flow Reggii added to this one sticks a lump in my throat everytime we perform it.

We've probably played this tune every time we've been out to play live, it never gets boring, it never gets old and I think we'll keep performing it, maybe until I write something better. I'll have to do some real soul searching in the studio, and maybe I'll never be in that place or feel that way again.

If I have to put my finger on a meaning, it would be that, no matter how hard you try or what you wish for, things will happen wether you want them to or not, good or bad if you believe in such a simplistic binary outlook on life, but all you can do is face every day with a positive attitude and believe in what you do. And what you do is important, if it's important to you and it's at least a little bit altruistic then we should all be on the right path.

Soldier on people, onwards and upwards!
Say my friends you gotta live your life
Add it all together we've got time
The river keeps on rolling far and wide
But you Can't Hold Back
Can't Hold Back the night
from The Deepest Cellar, released 01 May 2010