Monday, 8 July 2013

The World's Gone Mad

I'm sure if you listen to this song, even once, you'll be able to work out what the lyrical content is about, so probably the funniest things about this song is the rave review it received from a Paris Hilton Fan Club. The video that I made in my flat late one night is a video collage, montage, or whatever you want to call it of pointless celebrities, explosions, news footage and ultra-violent computer games, hence, The World's Gone Mad. However, featured in the video, with instructions below the video on YouTube to 'REJECT FALSE ICONS', was Paris Hilton. It is hillarious that the meer sighting of one's idol by one so deluded can cause feelings of such jubilation that you are prepared to completely misread and misrepresent a song then The World certainly has Gone Mad. Especially when the celebrity in question is undoubtedly the most stupid, selfish, spoilt whore of them all, with an inherited fortune and a brain like an invisible sieve it beggars belief.

Anyways, this is Joey G-zus' best work. Some of my best vocals and Reggii dropping in sounds sweet as ever. Just listen and laugh, or cry, it's up to you. It's Just A Ride.
from The Fire Pit - EP, released 03 April 2011