Monday, 8 July 2013

Naughty Girls (Acoustic Demo)

An acoustic demo from down in The Deepest Cellar. My arm was kind of twisted to release this. But I had in mind the early Oasis singles / EPs where there would be at least four tracks and usually a Noel Gallagher demo on there somewhere. I often recorded acoustic tracks down in the cellar just to jot down ideas and test the levels and test if the microphones and recording equipment worked.

I wrote this one a while before it surfaced. I've had a lot of people ask me to write songs for them. I was acosted by a girl called Jade, who was a big Kaiser Chiefs fan and a big Censored fan back in probably 2006 who said "you should write a song about me, Jade" ... no funny business, it was only a brief conversation but the name stuck out to me. I'm sure the completed song is nothing like the girl would have imagined or I'm sure would have wanted to be inspired by her.

The song is about the promiscuity of young girls, who know full well what they're doing and how they're behaving and expect sympathy when things go wrong. Now, I'm all for women's lib and women's rights but strutting around full of Jaegermaiester in hot pants is no way to go around celebrating emancipation. Have some self-respect. I'm sure you might read this and draw all kinds of conclusions about me and my personal opinions but, hey, I've got no time to respect people who can't even respect themselves. Get some clothes on, go and listen to The Staple Sisters and get a grip.

Anyway, before you get hot and bothered about the context, subtext and syntax of the song, it was just an exercise in writing, using precious stones as metaphors. Jade, Diamond, Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire all get a mention in there, and it's always good to rip off The Specials for a hook, think I'll be doing that 'till the day I die, if only they'd made mroe than two albums.
No you won't tell your mother where you've been tonight ...
from Can't Hold Back, released 10 October 2010