Monday, 8 July 2013

The Deepest Cellar

Over the Dapp Kings Jimmy and myself weave the quintessential B-Boy Soul tapestry. The vibe is party, party, party. From DJ sets to Lovebox to a groovy house party I've heard this song and it's still refreshing to know that I'm on it breaking some musical ground, paving te way for the likes of Plan B and Janelle Monae. Come to think of it, sometimes I forget I'm even on it and just enjoy it, that's the way music should be I think. When I hear or read artists that are embarrassed to be on their own records, hear their own voice or see themselves in the videos, it sickens me. I just don't understand, your making the music for all the wrong reasons, or you shouldn't be doing it. I think you can tell from these 3 and a half minutes that we're really into what we're doing and truly enjoying it. Hope you're enjoying it too.
Down in The Deepest Cellar
Beneath the floorboards of the fortune teller's
There's the swinginest party to be had
'cos you got your soul and you're feeling mighty glad
from The Deepest Cellar, track released 01 May 2010